Latino & Asian Tradebooks

What I'm reading...

Empire of Care by Catherine Ceniza Choy
The Making of Asian America by Erika Lee

On the 'to read' shelf...

Remembering Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes by Ron Chew
The Intimacies of Four Continents by Lisa Lowe
Race, Religion and Civil Rights by Stephanie Hinnershitz

Here is my collection of recommended Asian American children's literature with summaries and reading levels; it is by no means complete, but these are books I highly recommend in terms of content and authenticity.  The Carolina Asia Center also has a fantastic, searchable database of books about Asians and Asian Americans.  Don't forget to check out the National Council of the Social Studies '(NCSS) Notable Trade Books  and the Guardian's list of 50 culturally diverse books.  WE NEED DIVERSE BOOKS!

I recently stumbled across author Grace Lin's blog and a post by Irene Rideout about Tikki Tikki Temboa book that always felt problematic to me but I couldn't quite pinpoint why.  This is a fascinating read that articulates why representation and cultural authenticity are critical in children's literature.

Children's Literature about Latino Civil Rights


Children's Literature about Asian American History

Graphic Novels About Asian American History