College and University Faculty Assembly 2014

I attended CUFA 2014 in Boston, MA with the large UT Austin Social Studies contingent.  Things got busy quickly as I presented a paper midday Wednesday at the Graduate Roundtables.  LaGarrett King from Clemson was a thoughtful discussant and gave me lots of great feedback to improve my paper, especially my first-ever attempt at framing work through an anti-oppressive lens.  Thursday I presented with the always brilliant Cinthia Salinas from UT, who talked about troubling traditional understandings of citizenship.  Unfortunately President Obama's immigration announcement resulted in the postponement of Friday's featured speaker Jose Antonio Vargas, who I'd been dying to meet in person (PIN@Y KAMI!), but I did get to spend some time with some academic giants and awesome up-and-comers in social studies and that was interesting.  I'm getting better at this networking thing, but it still doesn't quite feel natural yet.  Oh, and I had seafood.  Lots and lots of seafood.  And to top it all off, a few of my colleagues spent some time conducting a qualitative study of cannoli quality.  The results of our comparative analysis: Mike's Pastry for the win!