Noreen Naseem Rodriguez, PhD
Assistant Professor
Iowa State University


Thank you for visiting my website. To see materials from a recent presentation, please click on the Publications and Presentations link above.  If you have lessons/resources on Asian American/Latino history you'd like to share, please contact me!

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Pershing's Chinese in Texas


A New Direction


NOLA, here I come!


On the horizon...

2015 is going to be a busy year - finishing up coursework while presenting at a few conferences and trying to submit some manuscripts for publication.


College and University Faculty Assembly 2014

I attended CUFA 2014 in Boston, MA and achieved a lovely balance between hobnobbing and touristing.  See you in New Orleans in 2015!


I think knowing one's history leads one to act in a more enlightened fashion. I can not imagine how knowing one's history would not urge one to be an activist. - Dr. John Hope Franklin

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